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This tool allows you to track your inventory and by adding your purchases and sales for each category, arriving at your percent of cost. Updating the costs in the Meal Costing Tool will automatically update the Perpetual Inventory Tool.

You will know exactly the amounts of product you are using and will give you actuate information of the percentage you are making over your costs. This tool will assist you to maintain a tight control over your inventory. Cost for the Meal Costing and the Perpetual Inventory Management tool is $275.00, this includes 2 Hours of phone assistance.


Perpetual Inventory Management Tool

Liquor/Beer/Wine/Food Percent Cost Computer Tool
Once you have done all your menu items, you need only to update the costs in the inventory sheet as needed.
Your recipes costs will be updated automatically, and are ready for your review.
Entering new costs and updating the menu will warn if items are over your specified percent of cost.
You can turn sides on and off to compare your maximum cost.
Knowing the menu items that are best for specials, is just a matter of looking for the lowest PC.
Cost Meal Items with Sides
Cost Pre-paired Item Per Ounce Cost
Cost Servings from a Recipe

Meal Costing Stand Alone Software Tool

Keeps You on Top of Your Meal Costs

Works on Your Computer with MicroSoft Excel Spread Sheets


Systems and Solutions

The download is a demo is limited to a 14 day trial. You may activate this download by calling 757-309-0479. After looking at the Restaurant PC Tool, you may purchase the tool for $275.00 by Calling 757-309-0479. After downloading click on the install file to extract. Please read the Help Read Me tab in the file.