Works with MicroSoft Excel


Software for Net Workable Systems

Special Prices-Day Date and or Time
Ideal for Happy Hour or Any Retail Specials
Discounts Prices on Cash Out
Tax Exempt Provision
Sales Items by Department
Shift Change Closing
Menu with Sub Menu Selections
Selection Pay with Cash/Credit Card/Gift Card
Balance Cash Drawer
F1 Help/F2 Notes
Cash Payouts
Quick Sales
Take Out/Delivery Tracking
Check Tracking by Table/Customer
Multiple Sales in Progress at Once
Repeat Item/Insert Item Quantity/Item Weight
Server Name on Receipt

Reverse Closed Sale/Print to Kitchen
Separate Check
Split Check
Server Break Down of Tips
Password Protected Two Levels
Set Minimum Amount Drawer Off for No Manager Password
Special Instruction for Menu Items
Items Sold/ Items Voided--Inventory Tracking Retail
10 Sales Tax Levels
Will Work with Touch Screens
Will Work with Dell Cash Drawer
Epson T88IV Receipt Printers
Will Work with Hand Scanner for Retail
Kitchen and Server Monitors/All Statiions View Meals Ready
Free Gift Card Activation with Gift Card Order
Close Out Reports-Sales/Paid Outs/Amounts for Deposit (Card and Cash)
Reports/Cash/Card/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Deleted Checks/Tax Owed/Net Sales









Phone Help Available/Remote Assistance/Menu Set-up/Gift Card Activation
Systems and Solutions--757-309-0479

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